SANAMO: Your Ultimate Destination to Organic Teas

Are you looking for organic tea? Look no further, we have got you covered. Here at SANAMO, we provide a variety of high-quality, fresh flavor-filled organic teas that will make your every sip fantastic. We directly work with the world’s best organic tea growers and deliver fresh flavor-filled organic teas having aromatic fragrance and refreshing taste that lingers on the tongue.

Why Do You Need Organic Tea?

Doing careful tasks all through the workday is demonstrated to improve performance. Only one cup of organic tea can help mind calmness, reduce pressure, and enhance concentration. Make your working environment mindfulness: mix a cup, sip into serene with organic loose leaf herbal tea from SANAMO. In the current busy and relentless world, dedicating focus and much attention in a fast-moving workplace can appear to be incomprehensible sometimes. While performing various tasks may appear to be proficient superficially, doing different tasks simultaneously can decrease profitability.
To help meet exceeding workplace demands, we are offering a variety of organic teas in exciting flavors that will refresh your mind and body. So, act now and enhance your performance, boost concentration and calm your mind today! SANAMO is glad to bring you organic tea as a feature of our responsibility to sustainable tea farming and a healthier lifestyle. It’s essential for us to create truly particular, expressive tea leaves grown with care, probably not going to be found anyplace else on the planet. Tired of searching online “organic tea near me” and could find the right place. Do not worry, we will take care of your needs. We provide the best organic teas that are rich, tasty, refreshing and have health benefits.

Tea Subscription

Subscribe to our website and regularly experience the world through our tasty organic teas. We have hand-picked these teas and are exhibiting them at affordable rates, and you would now be able to save more money simply by subscribing our monthly plans and get delicious organic teas. With subscription, you will get our featured products, such as Mao Feng tea, Bi Luo Chun green tea, Golden Yunnan black tea, and Maojian tea. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe today and enjoy refreshing and tasty organic teas anytime.


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From top to bottom stories of adored tea growing areas, the most recent organic tea trends, benefits of organic teas, updates on seasonal blends and guide for picking the amazing organic tea for you.

Unique Teas: Golden Yunnan Black Loose Leaf Tea

Unique Teas: Golden Yunnan Black Loose Leaf Tea

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Benefits of Black Tea

Benefits of Black Tea

Sanamo’s carefully handpicked Yunnan loose organic black tea is rich in history. We work with farmers to select the freshest, high-quality leaves and source the best of the world teas. Sanamo’s Golden Yunnan black tea leaves contain flavonoids antioxidant, making this...

Premium Teas: Green Tea Nutrition

Premium Teas: Green Tea Nutrition

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