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Unique Teas: Golden Yunnan Black Loose Leaf Tea

Unique Teas: Golden Yunnan Black Loose Leaf Tea

Sanamo TeaNotes presents you the perfect tea to help you maintain a healthier lifestyle; good for diabetics, colds, hair growth, and weight loss, Sanamo Golden Yunnan Black Tea, your herbal flavourful black tea is excellent, brewed hot, or cold as ice tea during the...

Benefits of Black Tea

Benefits of Black Tea

Sanamo’s carefully handpicked Yunnan loose organic black tea is rich in history. We work with farmers to select the freshest, high-quality leaves and source the best of the world teas. Sanamo’s Golden Yunnan black tea leaves contain flavonoids antioxidant, making this...

Premium Teas: Green Tea Nutrition

Premium Teas: Green Tea Nutrition

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage after water. Most importantly, green tea is sought not just for being the best flavoured tea, but also as a compliment to implementing good nutrition in the body and its tea slimming abilities.   Green tea contains healthy...

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