Sanamo’s carefully handpicked Yunnan loose organic black tea is rich in history. We work with farmers to select the freshest, high-quality leaves and source the best of the world teas.

Sanamo’s Golden Yunnan black tea leaves contain flavonoids antioxidant, making this black tea good for diabetics. It is widely recognized for its weight loss benefits. According to a study from the European Journal of Nutrition, black tea is found to have a gut microbiome that reduces one’s weight by decreasing the gut bacteria. These factors help regulate cholesterol levels to reduce inflammation in the body.

As a slimming Tea, Black tea replace your favorite drink as part of your lifestyle change. Compared to the sodas or milkshakes, a cup Golden Yunnan black Tea contains 2 calories, compared to 150 calories from your sodas and milkshakes.  This healthy alternative also has zero percent saturated fat and cholesterol. Its strong flavour and molecules work with the liver tissues to burn more fat deposits. The high metabolism rate received from using a black tea bag filter to extract its nutrients contributes to raising body temperature that implements burning fat and assisting the human body’s efficient ability to absorb good nutrients for a better lifestyle.

Choose a healthy lifestyle, and explore the potential of a healthy body through our gourmet tea gifts.