Sanamo TeaNotes presents you the perfect tea to help you maintain a healthier lifestyle; good for diabetics, colds, hair growth, and weight loss, Sanamo Golden Yunnan Black Tea, your herbal flavourful black tea is excellent, brewed hot, or cold as ice tea during the warmer months.

Golden Yunnan Black tea with milk is a favorite for some. The combination enhances the herbal flavor of the tea.

Sanamo’s Golden Yunnan Black tea is also a detoxing tea suitable for different palates and personal tastes. Black tea with milk is a favorite of Royal houses around the world, including the Crown Prince and the House of Windsor in the United Kingdom. Some countries are also renowned as tea drinkers including India, notable for its chai tea. When black tea was traded in India, it is a treasure for the royalty to use as herbal tea with a touch of spices, milk, and sugar. The gift box of tea is also used to welcome guests. Even in America, black tea is used to create frozen chai for a summer delight, and many drink iced Tea.

There is no essential rule to get the perfect black tea taste. Whether it is black tea with lemon or masala chai tea, this is a simple tea flavours list to enhance your taste buds. You can drink tea whichever way you choose. There are many black tea recipes that are waiting to be discovered. You can explore them all. Take a sip with a glass teacup and enjoy the possibilities from our Golden Yunnan Black Loose Leaf Tea.