Fujian Mao Feng – Green Tea 220 gm (8oz)


YOUR PERFECT TEA – The strong sweet fragrance from slightly twisted leaves buds of Fujian Mao Feng green tea with its stimulating and relaxing taste. SANAMO’s Mao Feng green tea is the perfect tea to give an energizing start to your daily activities.

HEALTHY BENEFITS – Our organic Mao Feng tea has a number of health benefits like boosting heart function, reducing weight, and accelerating blood circulation.

OUR QUALITY – Mao Feng green tea is the best Chinese green tea that is grown by tea farmers in Fujian province with a renowned past of growing green teas for many generations.

FUN AND REFRESHING – When brewed, SANAMO’s Chinese Mao Feng green tea produces a refreshing liquor having a less grassy and refreshing flavor that perfectly lingers to tongue.

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Fujian Mao Feng green tea is considered as one of China’s best green teas. Cautiously hand-picked in the mountain region, this tea is especially wealthy in flavor, and antioxidants. The dry leaves of this wonderful tea are long, wavy and green with pale leaves intermixed; they are exceptionally sweet-smelling. This organic Mao Feng tea gives a yellow olive-green liquor with a generous, rich, sweet and smooth flavor. SANAMO’s organic Mao Feng tea is the best green tea at reasonable rates.

Product Details

This delightful Chinese Mao Feng green tea is lauded for its sublimely wool, slightly bent leaf buds, which provide a magnificently smooth and unique flavor during daytime teas. Amazingly rich in antioxidants, our delightful Chinese Mao Feng green tea offers a stunning sweet flowery fragrance as well as energizing taste. Because of its less grassy flavor, SANAMO’s Fujian Mao Feng green tea is liked by the individuals who don’t typically like green teas


For perfect results:

  • Pour 2gm of SANAMO’s Mao Feng green tea in Tea Pot
  • Add 150ml of boiling water
  • Soak your tea for 3 – 5 minutes
  • Wash your teacup with boiling water
  • Serve and enjoy the best Chinese Mao Feng green tea.


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